You know what I like? I like thinking. I like thinking about stuff and things a lot.

You know what else I like? I like not thinking at all, and just nodding my head and stomping my feet and moving around like a demented marionette to loud, dirty, and extremely basic garage rock. Oh, yes I do, and today is one of those days, folks! Won't you join me?

I was inspired to make this little found footage video after hearing The Traps, a band that was active in the Providence, Rhode Island area around ten years ago. I would never have known about The Traps' noise punk party if not for their ol' pal John Dwyer, best known as Thee Oh Sees' frontman. He dug out these crunchy, lowest-fi recordings of The Traps and is now bringing the band to international attention by releasing "Boom Pow Awesome Wow" on his own Castle Face Records on January 28, 2014.

The Traps were not (to my knowledge) made up of a Cymbal Monkey, a marching band, children striking piñatas, or a suave man carrying beer in a suitcase. But MAYBE THEY WERE. As best as I can decipher from the lyrics, you can make your own beer piñata by gathering aluminum beer cans and a bat, which I hope you attempt at your next family gathering. Please to enjoy!

You can order "Boom Pow Awesome Wow" now by clicking on THESE WORDS RIGHT HERE.

The Traps, "Beer Piñata"