I hope you are all enjoying the first night of Thanksgivukkah, or Hanugiving, or Eating Stuff x ∞. Today, I bring to you a few more odd thrift store items that, if you are very very very very very good, might be headed your way 'round December 25th. Or very very very very very bad...either way, really. Please to enjoy!

The only hint that "World's Best Mom" used to be "World's Easiest Date" is that heavy application of light blue eyeshadow. I believe this theory can be proved with science.

I just don't know what to say about this. Is it some kind of kabuki Hulk Hogan? 'Eighties-style Jesus? Why was this made, and why did anyone BUY IT? I am puzzled.

Pure. EVIL.

Doesn't Hal mean "The Final Countdown?" Ra ha ha ha. Settle down, Hal.

Infinite Rolleyes Bunny deeply dislikes the smell of his candle.

Look! Hoyt is so fearless he actually takes his hands off his guitar while playing! WHOA! BADASS!

Oh, man. If this is "Hope," I sure don't want to see what "Total Disconnect To Reality" looks like.

And finally...just this.