With all the hijinks and shenanigans that go on in the good ol' USA USA USA, you'd think we cornered the market on strangeness. But GUESS WHAT? Other countries are weird, too! I find this both a relief and a delight. Tonight I am bringing you three worthy videos from England, France, and Japan that should give you a few minutes of entertainment before figuring out what the hell you are going to do with the dog tomorrow night when all those damn 4th of July fireworks start going off and he starts peeing and pooping all over the house and eats the furniture clean through. Please to enjoy!

This guy, known in the Manchester area as "The Treeman," should perhaps reconsider his relationship with his guitar. If you are that angry about your musical flubs, you should maybe take up the pillow bongos or something. Warning: Many swears, so NSFW or kids or Grandma Churchalot.

The Return of The Angriest Guitar Player In The World!

The French kitchen worker was filmed everyday being unpleasantly surprised by his co-worker. I don't understand two things: how he kept getting just as scared each time, and why he didn't punch the daylights out of the guy after, like, the third time.

Cuisto Fait Mon Peur

Finally, we actually DO know that Japan is the weirdest country in the world. Now, I would just like to know WHY. "Milk Seafood," lol.

Ultimate Weird Japanese Commercials Collection