Yesterday was the opening day of Seattle's annual Capitol Hill Block Party, a 3-day music festival in the heart of the city's hippest neighborhood known for a young crowd and crazy PARTAY TYME atmosphere. I was not going to be photographing the fest in a profeshunul capacity this year, but did not want to miss a Friday set from one of my fave fave bands, The Intelligence. My daughter, Miss Ten, is also a big fan of the band but had never been able to see them play live, as an all-ages gig is rather rare for them. So we headed out together to the Block Party's Vera Stage, wading through a sea of sweaty hipster youth with a couple of old point n' shoot cameras in hand, excited as can be.

We were able to stand right at the photo pit barrier front and center for the whole set, which was very awesome, since I am short and Miss Ten is shorter. The closed-to-traffic intersection of 11th & Pike quickly filled up with fans, and the curious others who then BECAME fans! It was such a treat for me to see the band again (they played at the Chop Suey last April, and Neumos in June), but it was extra cool to be able to attend this time with Miss Ten. I thought she did a great job of taking photos, and she even shot a bit of a video, too! Please to enjoy her work!

(All photos C. Spellman)

I wasn't going to shoot at all since I thought letting her take over for a night was FUN, but decided to take one video with the other lil' camera. True story: the first time I heard this song on the radio while driving I liked it so much I pulled my car over and took a photo of the radio screen of the song title.

The Intelligence, "Like Like Like Like Like Like Like," Capitol Hill Block Party, Vera Stage, Seattle, WA. 7/26/13

Once again, the new songs like "Rome" and "We Refuse To Pay The Dues" got a great crowd response, which was so nice to see, especially in a diverse crowd (i.e., people who paid to see lots of other bands not at all like The Intelligence). The band zoomed through their songs at a breakneck pace this evening, which made the end of the show seem to come even faster than usual. "Awwww, they are done already??" Miss Ten said with a pout lip as Lars Finberg announced the band's last song, "Males." They've been closing with this one for awhile, and it always ends in a very satisfying extended cacophony. Guitarist/vocalist Dave Hernandez decided to give his adorable 4-year-old daughter a chance to sit in, and she dug it! I quickly grabbed the camera.

While I was taking this shot, Miss Ten poked at my side. "MOM! LOOK AT LARS!!!" When I looked to my right, there was Spider Monkey Man climbing on the PRECARIOUS stacks and stage scaffolding, while the security guys lost their minds.

"OH, SHIT!" I reflexively exclaimed.

"Take a picture! I can't do it! I am too afraid too look!"

I grabbed a camera, thinking to myself, "Buddy, I'm gonna be SO PISSED OFF if you fall and squoosh my kid during her first Intelligence show!!" Although there would be something epic to that, ha ha. The crowd roared its approval. I alternately cheered and cringed.

Mr. Finberg eventually decided to return to earth, taking his guitar to play behind the stage. Mr. Hernandez decided to completely give up the guitar to become a stage lighting strobe artist, leaving the strumming duties to Little Miss Four. I caught the last few seconds of "Males" and my camera also lost its mind, clearly. If you listen closely at the very end of the video, you can hear Miss Ten exclaim, "Wow!"

The Intelligence, "Males (end)," Capitol Hill Block Party, Vera Stage, Seattle, WA. 7/26/13

I suspect my daughter won't soon forget her evening with The Intelligence at the Block Party, nor will the rest of the cats and kitties in the audience! Thanks, everyone, for an amazing time!