Talk about out-of-the-blue things happening in life! Last April, as I was sitting in the dirt at Austin Psych Fest deleting some photos off my camera and waiting for the next band to start, I decided to check my email on mah cellular phone device. A name that seemed very familiar but that I didn't instantly place (blame fest fatigue and coffee lack) had sent me a message. I opened it up and read a very sweet letter saying that this person had randomly come across some of my "found footage" music video efforts on YouTube, really dug them, and wanted to know if I would consider making a couple of videos for his band. Why sure, I said, I love making them...can you maybe tell me a little more about your band and maybe send me a link to some of your music so I can get an idea of how I can help?

A reply came back, which caused me to facepalm myself in a "d'oh" realization, which I'm sure looked funny to the groovers walking by me at APF. Of course, Britt Daniel is in Spoon and Divine Fits! DURRRR, Me, DURRRR. Anyway, after I got home and finished up my APF photos and coverage, I went right to work on the project, which was for me to find, choose, and re-edit old public domain film footage to make lyric videos for two new Divine Fits songs, "Chained To Love" and "Ain't That The Way," due for release in the summer. It was exciting and challenging, with lots of ups and downs (up: after scouring the interwebs for hours, finding a great clip to use; down: getting almost done with a final edit and having a system crash and losing most of the edit points). I was, of course, very concerned that whatever I did was something that the band would like and be proud of. I wish Britt had given himself a director/editor credit too, because his creative input and tireless encouragement the entire way through the project was invaluable to me.

So today is the day! The videos are completed and have been released, in support of a double-A-side 12" single coming out July 23rd (the songs are also already available on iTunes, Amazon, and all the other digital outlets). Please click right HERE to go to Merge Records, where you can get all the info you need to buy the songs, watch the videos, order cool t-shirts designed by Michael Carney, and find out more about when and where Divine Fits will be playing this summer.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Merge Records and Divine Fits!!!