What a bountiful bonanza of records at the Woodinville Value Village this past weekend -- so much so that I will have to make this a two-parter! There's hardly anything I like better than digging through the dusty old bin to bring you amazing albums of the ANCIENT TIMES! Please to enjoy!

I am fascinated that there was a Vol. 2. Although it does have a kind of James Bond flair...

If you weren't around in the '60s, you missed the phenomenon of Old Guys Combing Down Their Hair To Look Like One Of Those Beatle Kids. Also, banjos.

 Oh, man. THIS RULES. "Leo and Larry" in quotes, and the riveting art, and Dynamic!

Tom Browne's Love Approach apparently is him driving around tooting his horn and giving that "Hey, baby, I'll be back to pick you up later" gaze.

What are they doing?? I'm pretty sure they are feeding that little dog bowls of popcorn until it explodes.

If you are Spider Sabich, love is CODE BLUE! AWWWW ZING! DAMN. Sorry, everyone; I went there.

Why are they on flat land? Let's ask And Doug Too!

I dunno, to me this looks like that little girl is gonna take that doll's leg clean off if she can't manage to get that shoe on. "Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man, bake me a cake as fas --RRRRRRRRRIPPP!"

I feel that this violin record with Big Strings! and Smooth Vocals! will be not rockin' in ANY WAY AT ALL.

Let us now quietly ponder the use of the stock photo of a body of water with nearly no identification as to what the musical content of the record inside may be. On three, everyone: one, two, three...HMMMMMMMMMM.

If that guy in the middle came at me looking like that and playing a harmonica, I would back up rather quickly.

Team is my new favorite group.

And finally, WHAT.