Straight-up, people: I think Morrissey is a pretty lousy vocalist. Great lyricist, but hampered by severe lack of range and precious, droning delivery. So, because of this, I actually prefer his songs covered by other people. But, I discovered, there are erstwhile fans out there who are even more ponderous in vocal skill than our morose, ulcerous pal! I would be Internet-remiss in not offering you a sampler of their publicly-posted efforts in karaoke. Please to...enjoy?

Oh, I love this guy so much. Finishes up his smoke, then all "NO BIGGIE, I GOT THIS," walks up to his mic set-up to warble off-key while his little dogs lick themselves clean on the couch. MM MM MMM!

Long, yelping, out-of-tune notes are my favorite thing in the world. But mainly I want to know if this was shot through wax paper and also why that painting is hanging up so high on the wall there.

"Piccadilly Palare"

Oh...sir. Oh, dear. Every day SHOULD be silent and grey.

"Every Day Is Like Sunday"

Larry IS Morrissey! At least for 18 drunken seconds...AND IN HIS MIND!

"How Soon Is Now?"

Oh, why do you come, indeed.


I wish this were a Coors Light commercial.

"There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"

Filled with lots of...verve...and a bandanna.

"This Charming Man"

The James Dean book, bizarre facial hair, and the face-pulling sends this one into the craposphere.

"Suedehead" #2

And finally, these shot in Istanbul, Turkey. I am very, very upset that they don't last longer.



"Bigmouth Strikes Again"

"Shoplifters Of The World Unite"