Today, you lucky devils, you get the second installment (Part One is RIGHT HERE) in a "love" themed '60s garage blast from my archives of awesome aural adventures! Imagine if humans had no concept of love! What would songwriters write about? Probably slow drains and Pantone colors and nail fungus. Whether our musicians from Daze Of Olde here were in fuzzy warm romantic bliss or UNIMAGINABLE EMOTIONAL PAIN, please to enjoy!

This Wisconsin band starts us off on the pain side, confessing how bummed out the singer is to have his girl ripped off by another dude. Treacle-y and gently-off-key emo. He sounds young enough that it is likely he found a new girl the next day.

The saxophone in here stops just short of playing "Tequila," and our German singer enjoys miniskirts and many named lady parts.

The Ones, "Love Of Mine"

Pat is clearly influenced by Brenda Lee and Lesley Gore and sounds about 12. Aww, cute.

Pat Downey & The Vistas, "Real Live Lover"

Here's a special LIVE(-ish) love song from the Preachers, from the Shiveree TV show! These guys were early pioneers of headbanging and possibly influenced THIS WOMAN, who stars in what might be my favorite video of all time and space.

The Preachers, "Who Do You Love"

Uh huh, Ray...SAID EVERY GUY, EVER! Trendel must've have been a polyester fabric name, somewhere, sometime.

Ray Allen and the Trendels, "I Love You (And You Know I Really Mean It)"

I sure am hearing some similar vocal mannerisms to Mick Collins of the Gories/Dirtbombs fame. This makes this song extra BITCHEN for me.

The Revelles, "You Love Me No More"

An L.A. garage band that sounds like it would rather be a Texas garage band. I'm callin' it.

The Romancers, "Love's The Thing"

So, when's the last time you heard garage band from Bermuda, eh? RIGHT, NEVER! Some permutation of the Savages backed up Screamin' Lord Sutch until said nobleman left the planet in 1999.

The Savages, "Roses Are Red My Love"

This dude is whining and bitching about his buddies teasing him about a girl, but then claims he was never really that into her anyway and gives lots of excuses why that was so. HE DOTH COMPLAIN TOO MUCH, sez Dear Mariannelanders.

The Starfires, "I Never Loved Her"

And to end with, IF RIGHT ON CUE, here's a girl acknowledging that the dude doesn't love her, but she still loves him and "will do anything you say." Oh, Love! You so silly!

The Starlets, "You Don't Love Me"