Hey ho, Valentinas and Valentinos! I hope your Valentine's Day was very nice, and if it wasn't very nice at least it was OK, FINE, JUST FINE, OK!!! My leetle present to you today is ten smokin' hot songs culled from my very own collection -- yes, TEN great garage rock tunes with the word "love" in the title! My suggestion is to play these all in a row and shake your groove thang. Please to enjoy Part One, sweeties!

Greek psychedelia! This video is awesome. The dancing girls seem to be cloggers.

Aphroditie's Child, "Let Me Love, Let Me Live"

The Barons were from Michigan and play about as well as I do. It's charming...in a younger person. The title almost seems engrish.

The Barons, "Try A Love With Me"

The Birdwatchers were a Miami-based band with a Beatles/Kingsmen sound, and in 1966 cornered the market on polka dots.

The Birdwatchers, "I'm Gonna Love You Anyway"

These guys were from Pennsylvania. This lament tells us that a young lady is displeased about the singer's multiple cheating episodes. What?? A guy in a rock band cheated on his girlfriend?? NO WAY!!

The Buccanneers, "You're Never Gonna Love Me Anymore"

This was a rockin' all-girl band who were not hampered by meaningless gender roles nor grammar.

The Continental Co-ets, "I Don't Love You No More"

Speaking of all-girl bands, Dara Puspita was from Indonesia, in the time when playing Western rock music could get you JAILED. I dub them extra-mega-COOL. Here's their Bee Gees cover, fuzz-laden and before the Bee Gees choked on a disco ball.

Dara Puspita, "To Love Somebody"

I wonder if the Dirty Shames ever played with the Cryin' Shames? I hope so! They liked the Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds a lot, I bet.

The Dirty Shames, "Makin' Love"

I don't know a thing about this band other than that their name is nifty, and I automatically am in love with their guitarist.

Kempy and the Guardians, "Love For A Price"

Aw...so cool! Stroll on beat, too too cool girl vocals, reverb city streets echo. Nice!

Kim and Grim, "You Don't Love Me"

This band hailed from L.A., and like so many of the time, were very HAPPY about their new fuzz box. Who wouldn't be?

Limey and the Yanks, "Guaranteed Love"