I was only able to see three films this year at the Seattle International Film Festival, but I wanted to make sure that one of them was "Life In A Day," the world-filmed-on-one-day project by producer Ridley Scott and director Kevin Macdonald sponsored by YouTube and National Geographic. Over 80,000 people from every conceivable walk of life filmed a piece of their universe on July 24, 2010 (I did, too) and submitted it for consideration. The filmmakers had to go through 4500+ hours of clips -- a staggering amount of material -- and much credit should go to editor Joe Walker, who attended the SIFF showing at the lovely Cinerama theater. It was a beautiful movie, often very funny and touching and sometimes a bit brutal (pro tip: go get some Whoppers or something during the slaughterhouse scene). I highly recommend "Life In A Day." The film goes into general theatrical release on July 24, 2011...of course.

After the film ended, the Closing Gala opened at the Pan Pacific Hotel a few blocks away. The appetizer munchies from Seastar Restaurant were delicious, and the people-watching sublime. I only took a few photos with the little cam because I was too busy yapping and gawking and drinking a Stella. I think Seattle is the only place where you will see elegantly-attired woman wearing Birkenstocks along with a 6' dude with long hair wearing 5" gold-spiked pumps. No, I didn't get photos of that, sorry.

There was a dance floor and a live band, an '80s cover band who specialized in the music of The Cars called All Mixed Up. People Like The '80s, and I filmed them shakin' their groove things a bit.

I didn't join in, because I had only had the one Stella. Maybe next year. Thanks to SIFF for hosting yet another wonderful festival -- we are so fortunate for all the hard work they do in bringing us such interesting films from around the world.