This about the time that I first went to sleepaway camp, which was Sunday. I came back today. Which is Wednesday. My counselors' names were Dreamcatcher and Mouse. We studied about the Oregon Trails. The pioneers used to have to walk to get to different places because the Indians were attacking. Even the little kids had to walk. And the mom and dad would switch off walking with the kids. 

We ate in a lodge. My favorite food was waffles, strawberries with whipped cream, and vegetarian sausage. We went over to the amphitheater and sang some songs. We went mountain goating and went on a nature trail. We played a few games. We slept in wagons the first night; the second night we slept in tee-pees (which had lots of slugs in them). The third night we slept in the wagons again. I was with two of my friends from school.   I had a lot of fun.

I got a new camera and I took some photos and videos. These two people are my new friends, Mediocre and Izzy.

These are the wagon that I slept in.

This is a really pretty flower that I found.

This is our neighbor's wagon.

This is us at breakfast.

This is Monkey's Climbing Wall. Someone else took the picture. I climbed up to almost the top.
 That's us making Smores.
This is a wagon and what it's made out of.
This is me after I fell asleep on the couch after I got home. (My mom snuck that.)
I took some video with my friends. Sorry it moves so much! I will try to do a better job when I go back to camp in August for another week. Thank you for reading my post!