Ah, crap! I have been SO BUSY processing photos that the time got by me today, no wait, YESTERDAY DAMMIT, and I didn't post anything! SHAME! OK, I have to get back to it, but in the meantime I will tell you that I wish SO SO SO MUCH I was in steaming hot Texas RIGHT NOW so I could see my dearest rock pal Joe "King" Carrasco as he plays a few gigs with the ORIGINAL Crowns line-up. My little vagrant heart breaks not to be there, it truly does, but I wish them the happiest of funs and if you are in the state of Texas HURRY UP and get to the last handful of shows. GO!

Here's hot off the YouTube video from the Houston show: "Party Weekend." I still have my JKC Party Weekend shirt, and if I ever finish these photos, I will go upstairs, put it on, and sleep. PAR-TAY!