If I were a hunter, I would take my kids out on the weekends to teach them how to blow a woodland creature to bits and drink beer. If I were a knitter, I would teach them how to knit, then insist that they knit all their own clothes and shoes. If I were a carpenter, you would be a lady. But I am none of these things -- I am someone who goes to see concerts, so at some point I take my kids to see concerts, if they would like to go along. Today was a momentous day in the life of tiny MissSeven: her very first real rock 'n roll event, provided by Seattle's Sonic Boom Records and California-based indie band The Soft Pack.

She had known that I was planning to see the Soft Pack open for Phoenix tonight at the Showbox Sodo in Seattle, and was a little bummed. Phoenix is her favorite band, currently ahead of the Beatles at #2 and Vampire Weekend at #3 -- she's got an ear for good pop. It's an all-ages show, but as it's a club and a late night, she's a little too young for that. When I mentioned that the Soft Pack was doing an in-store appearance this afternoon, she was excited and asked to go along. She, like me, is a big fan of their current single, "Answer To Yourself." Sure, why not, let's go I said, and smiled when she decided to rock out her outfit with a cute hat and a pink sparkly scarf. A pink purse containing her very own earplugs finished the look, and we got to the store in plenty of time to peruse the CDs and records (a good lesson in alphabetization). I pointed out the Kinks box set that I worked on to her, and she smiled up at me.

Soon enough, the band was setting up -- time to adjust the Hearos in the ears, an odd feeling for her I am sure.

WHAM! I expected them to be loud, and THEY WERE. I even broke out my own Hearos, so that tells you something. I kept checking in with MissSeven as she seriously watched the set and futzed with her earplugs. All good, she said. She clapped after every song like, well, like a little girl. I was digging it myself -- they have tons of great energy and power and songs that kind of sneak up on you and you find yourself humming or singing along. Supah cooool.

After the short set, raffle numbers were announced to win a couple sets of show tickets for tonight and we were one number off. ARGH! MissSeven said with a huge smile, we almost won! She said she was keeping the blue raffle ticket as a souvenir. She and I went up to Matt and Matty and thanked them for a great set, and they were as nice as could be, thanking us for coming out and mentioning a return to the area in April. It was a good little turn-out there at Sonic Boom for the band and enthusiastic, too.

We further celebrated by walking over to Cupcake Royale to enjoy a lunch of cupcakes, milk, and a big yummy Stumptown latte. When we got home, MissSeven decided to give all the details about her rocking to Mr11, including the near-miss on the raffle and that the show "was really, really cool and fun."

Thank you Sonic Boom and the Soft Pack for making the day.