Once again, I am going to sweetly ask in the most dulcet typing taps I can deliver, that you, yes YOU, YOU THERE RIGHT NOW, YOU, go on over here to help my pal, Boston Globe writer Geoff Edgers, finish his Kinks movie:

He's getting reel-y (heh) close to the finish line, with just $5500 needed to complete the editing work. I like his grass-roots fundraising here very much, because I am a DIY kind of cat myself. There are different pledge levels from $10 and up with PREMIUMS and everything. processes the payments, and your account will not be charged a single penny of your pledge if the $5500 is not raised by August 10, 2009. You can change or cancel your pledge if needed any time before the deadline, too.

As someone who has contributed work to the project, of course I am invested in seeing it come to life as well, but even if I had not been involved I would be a booster. Considering the huge influence the Kinks have had on popular music, there is a real lack of film/video about the band, and most of it has been the usual unenlightening documentaries using the same mashup of old clips, asking the same kind of questions to the same set of people. This project takes a very different approach to measuring the Kinks value, and promises to be fun, funny, thoughtful, and interesting.

I know times is tough out there, but I do hope you can throw a few $$ Geoff's way so this film can be in the can and on its way to getting OUT. I will keep the link to the donation site up on my sidebar menu for the summer.


Your humble fanster with Ray Davies, 1980