Took the kiddies today to see the arena show "Walking With Dinosaurs," based on the very popular BBC TV series. I'm not really a big fan of giant kiddie arena spectaculars in general, not at all -- I think we've done only two in all these years, "Sesame Street Live" and the frigging Wiggles. Oy. But MissSix and Mr11 liked the television show so much, I sprung for the tickets and off we went. Here's my one-line review:

The animatronic dinosaurs were really cool and really big and impressive, but there wasn't much for them to do on the arena floor other than pretend to eat stuff, roar, and walk in a circle.

But the total point really was that the kids enjoyed it very much. I knew it was a hit when I caught MissSix quietly waving at the Brachiosaurus as it ambled by her.

We all attempted not to breathe as to not get swine flu in the arena, and went home. Just a regular day, with some dinosaurs thrown in.