NO 3

I feel completely comfortable asking this question.

If you already have six children, all under the age of 7, what in the HOLY HELL are you doing having fertility treatments and THEN having OCTUPLETS???????

Dad is a contract worker who is due to go back to Iraq. The babies had to be born so early that they are STILL DEVELOPING INTESTINES. Two nurses are assigned round-the-clock to each infant. Who will be paying for this staggering medical bill? Who will pay to house, feed, and educate these children, also extremely likely to be special needs kids with issues, issues, issues? You know who.

This was a CHOICE these parents and their doctor made. It wasn't an accident.

I also feel completely comfortable saying that this is deliberate abuse of our medical and social system, and far, far worse, compromises the lives and health and futures of 14 children.

It is not the children's fault, of course, and they deserve to be taken care of as fully and as well as any others. But I am furious with the parents, and the doctor who agreed to treat the mother. It is so grossly irresponsible, in every way imaginable.

This pisses me off. This is no "miraculous experience." This is a shameful mess.

Good luck, kids. You are gonna need it.