MissSix: Was I born in California?

Me: No. You were born in Colorado.

MissSix: Have I ever been to California?

Me: Nope.

MissSix: How would you know?

Me: (huge exasperated sigh)

MissSix: You don’t know everything.

Me: I know you’ve never been to California.

MissSix: You’ve been to California.

Me: Yes, several times.

MissSix: You were there before I was born.

Me: Yes.

MissSix: So I was in your tummy.

Me: Well, no.

MissSix: Yes I was. I was an egg then.

Me; (pause) Well, yes, part of you was an egg that would’ve been inside me when I was in California at some point.

MissSix: You should apologize to me.

Me: For what??

MissSix: You lying about me never being to California.

Me: (massive world-shattering epic sigh)

MissSix: I’m hungry.