Another jeans hunt to Marshall's late on this dark rainy afternoon today. Successful it was: a soft dark blue angora sweater, some underwearings, some warm jammies, and Levi's Too Superlow 524 bootcut jeans. I think Nonna has left the Marshall's, sadly. At the fitting room today were two headscarfed women who said nothing but nodded and handed me my clothes count card with the wrong number. A mother and her young teen daughter were in the fitting room as well:

Mother: DAMN! I knew I had put on weight but not this much! I can't even get these past my knees!
Teen: Try the other one.
Mother: No! I'm gonna wait. This is no good!
Teen: Can I get the white t-shirt too!
Mother: No! Jeans or the shirt! Not both.
Teen: (whispers) Shit.

Another woman was having a very very loud cell phone conversation with her father, and we all got to hear about how Janet was having problems again with Bobby, but didn't really want to talk about it now, that Pat was never going to pass the drug test, and Aunt Fran's surgery could only get about 30% of the cancer. THANKS FOR SHARING, MA'AM.

The only other remarkable thing to my trip was the incredible noise put out by a screeching infant the entire time I was there. He was so loud, for so long, that at one point I started laughing really loud to myself. HAHAHAHAHAHAH I went, as I wound my cart through the racks of DKNY discount sweaters, that baby sounds like the slow murdering of a flamingo!

I tried really hard to come up with that sort of approximated sound for you, so you could appreciate my shopping trip more fully, but nothing was quite right. However, this video is pretty damn close, and certainly has the annoyance level down perfectly. Have a pleasant day.