It's late, I am hungry, so I am eating a bagel with peanut butter and a little honey drizzled on top.


-- I never had the opportunity to purchase or eat a bagel until I was an adult.

-- All peanut butter used to come in glass jars and it all had the oil on top.

-- We used to get our honey from a farm down the road.

-- Toasted bagels always rule over cold bagels.

-- Bagels are a high glycemic index food, and I don't eat them often.

-- My favorite thing on a bagel is lox, cream cheese, tomato, and onion.

-- Peanut butter is American.

-- Peanut butter is high calorie, but a good protein.

-- I hate bees.

-- I used to make honey and butter sandwiches.

-- One of my children does not like peanut butter.

-- I've watched bagels being made from scratch.

-- This is one of the lazier blogs I have ever done.

Nite nite.