First day back at school for the elementary two. It's a 1/2 day where the parents stand around and look adoringly at their children, and then at their watches, then back adoringly at their children. Some of the kids were excited, some shy, some sleepy, some crabby, some lost, some self-assured. Mine were Excited + Lost and Sleepy + Crabby. I was Sleepy + Crabby + Lost, as I could not find a damn parking space at the school despite three go-rounds. I parked briefly at the Shell station, finished drinking one of the best coffees I have ever had (from the OOGCP), read the "WE TOW UNAUTHORIZED VEHICLES" sign, then decided another space was warranted. Eventually, all was well.

It was a pretty, sunny, and warm day as all the kids and parents and staff gathered on the playfield. I cringed as the very nice principal during her speech said, "you guys'es" and "thank you for giving us your childrens." I smirked when a tiny tow-headed friend of my daughter booed every teacher that was introduced, until another mom made him stop. I looked at all the first-time parents, bringing their first-born to their first day of school ever. They look so hopeful and sentimental. HA HA! My children's teachers look like teenagers. Good luck, miss'es.

I hope it all goes well, of course I do. I always do. I am always hopeful.

Odds are I get either a note home or call from the principal by Friday = PLACE YOUR BETS NOW!