This is the 200th post here.

When I started writing here in late February of this year, I didn't know exactly what I was planning to do, just that I was going to try to write some stuff. It didn't really matter what it was. I figured if I did better than "aslkdfhowienovnpef" it was OK. Maybe my next blog will be "aslkdfhowienovnpef.com." No, maybe not.

Fairly quickly, I thought, OK, if you are going to bother, have the discipline to get something new up every day. It would be too easy to let it lapse and get sucked into doing nothing. Again. I realize that nothing I do here is really valuable other than to me, but hey, go me. So, every day, I do something. And today there are 200 things that didn't exist before, and I LIKE THAT.

My goal is to continue here for a full year, ala my friend Mike Long, he of YouTube dancing fame. If he danced every day for a year, I can write every day for a year. At the very least, I can say I completed a project. There will be some stories written down for my family to keep. And maybe I have made a few people laugh or cry or think or get angry or feel something. I really like that, too. I might continue on after a year, or not, or just move on to something else. We Will See.

This goofy place is a snapshot, a repository, a refuge, and if Diarrhea Island were a real place I would put on my hazmat suit and settle right in, put my feet up, and watch the seagulls crap from the sky while sipping a Venti Iced Latte through a straw.