Driving go stop go stop go stop
Dirty white Seville in front of me
Dreamcatcher hanging from the rearview
Weaving lurching stopping stopped
Two yellow ribbon decals on the bumper
Half torn off, half faded away

Underneath the license plate
In small lowercase letters
It says “who are you”
And I smile
Well, who are you
Who are you

He’s eating a hot dog
He’s got wild hair
He wants to bring them home safely
And hold on to his wishes
He drives with his knees
And likes to conserve water

I’m drinking a coffee
My hair is blowing in the wind
I don’t believe there’s safety
And I fed-ex my dreams
I drive with one hand
And am made of mostly water

He drives to the right
I drive to the left
The smell of that hot dog
Drifts back through my car
He’s driving down the highway
I'm singing, who who, who who.