Ah, wonderful fate! Here I sit, at The Other Other Coffee Place, after having a Fail Coffee at home using Dunkin' Donuts beans, and who is standing in line in front of me? Mr. Hollywood!! YAY! It took me only a second to recognize him, even from behind. He was chatting up the very pretty young barista: "I think I'm lookin' pretty damn good for 83 years old...most of the old guys I see are all 'eh eh eh eh' but I think I'm still pretty with it, huh?" The girl, of course, gushingly agrees, and I do too. I expect to see Mrs. Hollywood with him, so I glance to my left and there she is, lounging in a somewhat-slatternly way, talking into a pink Blackberry. Oh, YAY!!! I am so happy. I get to find out more!

They are both impeccably dressed again, but not as fancy as before. Mr.Hollywood has on snappy tweed cuffed pants and a striped button-down shirt, shiny bronze loafters, lots of gold rings, and a gold watch this time, and his hair is flatter today and looks unwashed. He has his cane again but doesn't really seem to rely on it much. Mrs. Hollywood, frowning importantly on her cell phone call, has on a tight light pink sweater, and black knit pants, and crosses and uncrosses her legs languidly as she speaks. I see more of her face today, since she is not wearing her sunglasses inside, surprisingly enough. She kind of looks like a cat, and you could see that back in the day she was just cute as can be. She has no doubt had a couple of face lifts and is seriously botoxed, which may account for the cat look, but she's had better work done than most I've seen. I have determined that there is a strong possibility that her long gray super-styled hair is a wig.

I'm trying not to be too obvious in looking at them, but I am probably failing. Something in Mrs. Hollywood's gaze tells me she is used to being looked at. Hmm.

AH HA! Another clue! The tall hunky guy barista that works here sometimes goes up and speaks to them while he is on the phone. Grandkid? That's how the Hollywoods found this place! Now they are both taking calls, Hollywood-style. I can't hear what they are saying over the coffee grinder and the music. It's probably better that I imagine.

I like the Hollywoods. They class up the joint, yo.