Random things I like about Ray Davies:

  • I like that he likes to work, even though he doesn't have to.
  • I like that when he talks to you, he looks you right in the eye.
  • I like that he is bright, but doesn't make a big deal about it.
  • I like that he is often gracious, even when it is not expected.
  • I like that he has taken care of himself enough over the years to still do an amazing split leap onstage. And still totally rocks the black drainpipe jeans.
  • I like that he thinks a sense of humor and music go together.
  • I like that he observes at all times. There isn't a moment when he is not processing.
  • I like that his voice is as good or better than it ever was.
  • I like that he is feisty.
  • I like his smile very much.
  • I like that he is an oddball.
  • I like watching other people react to being near him. Even people who do not know who he is. Ray Davies helped to make me an observer.
  • I like Ray Davies, despite his many weirdnesses and flaws.
Ray is like a charismatic Uncle that I don't see very often, that no one will never know very well, but always leaves the family with lots of good stories to tell after he goes.

OK, I will get back to work now.