Ah, what is better than a smile? Nothing, really. A smile can change everything. When do new parents fall in love with their babies? Not really right away. They feel protective, curious, fascinated, caring, but they fall in love a few weeks later when the baby offers up a first toothless, goofy grin. Such power, the smile has. It makes people soften, relax, open up, feel accepted. Smiles make more smiles. Not that everyone should be going around smiling all the time. I hate that crap, it’s creepy. Makes you look like a cult member or something.

It’s really not that hard to tell a fake or forced smile from a real one, if you pay attention. It’s all in the eyes. The skin stays flatter, doesn’t crinkle around the eyes, like it was Botoxed. The look in the eyes is the giveaway. There is no sparkle, no warmth, no depth. Go look at a picture of someone smiling and cover it from the nose down with your hand. If you cannot tell from the eyes that the person is smiling, it’s not a real smile. This is a good thing to know. Some people misuse their smiles, which offends me, because I like smiles so much. Some people don’t have much to smile about, and that is the saddest smile to see. Or maybe it is the best, because they keep trying. Both, I guess.

You cannot be in love with someone unless you love his or her smile. The eyes are the window to the soul, and the smile is the Firewire to the heart. The combo is the knock-out punch.

You should probably smile more. It’s free, and it makes you and everyone else feel a little better. You might even make someone’s day, in a small or a big way. Pick up some Whitestrips while you’re out too, eh.