Can't pass up a $45 special!


There was a woman who came into the salon today, looked to be in her early-30s, attractive with a long blonde shag-type do, dressed casually sharp in jeans, a tight green tshirt, heels. A little too much sun on the face and a little too made up, but in good shape. She smiles at me, slightly conspiratorially. She brought with her a child who looked to be about three years old. The woman was also getting the $45 special from Helen, a 50-something pleasant Chinese woman with very broken English who smiles and laughs a lot. If I had Helen's job, I would become a raging alcoholic. But, hey, bless her.

So the woman goes into the Rip Room with her little boy. Helen and I exchange raised eyebrows. She laughs. I shake my head. She assumes, the woman, that her son is too little to remember the sight of his mother at the wax place. BUT MAYBE HE'S NOT. Oh, well. She'll have his therapy bill to pay.

Advance three years. Mother's Day Tea at first grade.

"Mommy, remember that time you took your pants off and a woman put glue on you?"


This must be her first kid. Heh.