Four dollars and fifty cents a gallon. FOUR DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS A GALLON. I have no idea why people aren't rioting, burning, looting, pillaging, and most importantly, stealing gasoline. My dad the car enthusiast would be rolling in his grave, if he had a grave. Instead, I imagine his ashes are rolling at the bottom of the Wisconsin River. He would've been pissed.

I remember the first time gas went over a buck. People were HOWLING with indignation, couldn't even believe it, wanted to kill a guy or something. Now? Oh, sure, everyone is whining, prices of everything are screaming upwards and it is only gonna get MUCH WORSE, but what is anyone DOING ABOUT IT?

I don't know what to do either. This little problem with the dependence on foreign oil has become such a NUISANCE, EH? OK, well maybe this is good. Let's hit rock bottom so we can finally figure out ways to not be such energy pigs, and the creative and brave and scientific can finally get to do their things. People can generally figure out stuff, if given the time, opportunity, finances, and access. I'll sacrifice, I'll change, but I want to see this coming from the top. OH MY, REAL LEADERSHIP! What a concept.

Gallon of gas or a Starbucks coffee, what to choose? How the hell did this happen?