Sometimes I come across vintage film footage that cries out, nay, BEGS AND PLEADS to be repurposed into a fresh, modern application. This very thing happened last week as I was combing the Seattle Municipal Archives on the YouTube and found a fantastic business training animation from 1959. Its jittery modernist style, linear and surreal, immediately brought to my mind professional musician Lars Finberg, and his superb 2017 album on In The Red Records, "Moonlight Over Bakersfield." Might there be a song there that would lend itself to a pair with a thoughtfully-edited version of this wild training film? Oh yes, oh yes, yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. (Why I just did that will make sense to you soon.)

So I went to work, slaving over a hot laptop, and came up with a music video that I think you will please to enjoy! Click it, daddio!