It's almost time for the wildest, craziest, rockin'-est event the Pacific Northwest area has ever seen, and you had better GET YOUR ASSES IN GEAR! Yes, the 2nd Annual Backyard Bunkhouse BBQ Brawl & Rock n' Wrestling Rager is BACK on Saturday, July 28, 2018, hosted again by NWA World Champions of Rock n' Roll, Stallion! This year, this premiere music and pro wrestling spectacle will be held outside the legendary Randy's Restaurant, located at 10016 E. Marginal Way S in Tukwila, Washington, conveniently close to Seattle's Sea-Tac International Airport, for those attendees jetting in from parts unknown. Randy's is on the Metro Bus #124 line, for those attendees coming from parts known.

If for some totally-crap reason you missed out on last year's inaugural Rager, HOLY MAN, did you MISS OUT! A year later, and people are still buzzing with excitement and amazement. Check out the incredible recap video from Rager 1 NOW!

WOWEE! Not to worry, folks -- everyone is A-OK, and ready to rock on the 28th! I sat down with Stallion's very own "Hollywood" Capponi the other day and asked him WHAT'S WHAT:

Popthomology:  OK, give us the deets, "Hollywood!" The Backyard Bunkhouse BBQ Brawl and Rock n’ Wrestling Rager is back for Year Two! Who's on the bill?

"Hollywood" Capponi: Alright, get your ears lowered down to the ground so you can understand what "Hollywood" is talkin' about, because this is the straight dope on what most critics have dubbed "the Mt. Rushmore of rock shows." Here goes, soup to nuts: Clean Lines, Razor Clam, Jock Tears and your very own NWA World Heavyweight Rock n Roll Champions, STALLION. Most of you ham 'n eggers out there could never dream of a lineup so great in your miserable lives so I'll say "you're welcome" in advance! Jock Tears are a buncha jive turkeys if you ask me but I'll deal with them later...

Pop: For those slow folk that weren’t there last year, can you give them a little summary about what it’s all about? What’s the vision? What makes the Rager a DO NOT MISS event?

Capponi: Simply put, last year's Backyard Bunkhouse BBQ Brawl and Rock n Wrestling Rager was easily the greatest party of all time and there isn't even a close second. Think I'm lyin'?? Ask anybody who was there. And with your valiant rock 'n roll champions STALLION defending our title belt this year once again, you best believe we'll stop at nothing to blow last year clean outta the water. You better lace them boots up real tight this time around because baby, the whip is comin' down to the Thrilla in Tukwila and you can take that all the way to the bank and CASH IT!

Pop: This year, you are in a different location. Tell us a little about Randy’s!

Capponi: That chump Bezos realized the Rager was so hot with the fans that it was definitely gonna boot his scrawny ass outta town, so he greased a few palms down at City Hall and got us banned. We needed to find a spot that was hot and happening, and also big enough to contain all that wild rock 'n wrestling action. Randy's was easily at the top of the list. Delicious food, friendly service and top quality atmosphere. Stallion eats there all the time! Don't mess with Mel though, he'll rag on your ass real hard if you give him any guff.

Pop: Any special surprises in store you can let us in on?

Capponi: I dunno, is it a surprise they STALLION is gonna mop the stage with those Canadian turkey necks Jock Tears?? I seriously doubt it! Would it be a surprise if Nikka Feline easily trounces the competition defending her world title in the million-dollar belching competition?? That wouldn't surprise me! And I'm a pretty sharp cookie. One thing you can always bank on is when you come to the Rager to see Stallion tear up the stage you're gonna get the hottest, wildest, most insane rock 'n wrestling action you could ever imagine because while the rest are in the back laughin' and jokin', STALLION is up on the stage COOKIN' 'n SMOKIN' daddaaaaay!!!! 

Stallion ain't kidding around when they are telling you to buy your advance tickets!

Here's WHAT'S WHAT! Get your tickets RIGHT THIS MINUTE and see you there on the 28th!!!



WHEN:  Saturday, July 28, 2018

TIME: 2PM doors, 3PM event start, 9:30/10PM end

WHAT: Music concert and pro wrestling event featuring bands Stallion, Jock Tears, Razor Clam, and Clean Lines, and Big League Wrestling and Lucha Libre wrestlers “The Black Sheep” Dave Turner, “Mansome” Mannie Rioz, Danika Della Rouge, Guerrero de Neon, Brian Cook, Lance Pierson, more (subject to change)

WHERE: Randy’s Restaurant lot, 10016 E Marginal Way S, Tukwila, WA 98168

AGE:  21+

COST: $15 advance online, $20 walk-up day of show if available. Advance tickets available HERE: https://www.strangertickets.com/events/56616140/backyard-bunkhouse-bbq-brawl-and-rock-n-wrestling-rager-2

TRANSPORTATION: On Metro bus line 124, parking on street or lot, carpooling encouraged

SPONSORED BY: SMASH, The NWA aka NorthWest Alliance, Monumental Undertaking, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer