I've been in a bit of a semi-sloth mode lately...with definite bursts of spring cleaning, sure, but I feel kinda like a lazeball. And this is just fine, I have decided. I think periods of mild hibernation and minimal productivity can be very refreshing, as we are all far too busy most of the time with dumb tasks like driving down the same road for hours every day or sorting mountainous heaps of dirty laundry. Sometimes a little sheer laziness gives one time to reflect, regroup, and relax. I bet even Einstein got his sloth on sometimes.

Anyway, in celebration of not being quite so damn busy, here are ten of my favorite songs from my own personal iTunes vault with the word "lazy" in the title. Sit down, put your feet up for a change, and please to enjoy!

Well, of course the first "lazy" song that comes to my mind is the trippy whine (or whinge, if you are British) that is The Kinks' "Lazy Old Sun," from my favorite Kinks album, "Something Else By..." I feel like Ray Davies is really picking unfairly on the sun here; it's really those pesky English rain clouds he should take issue with.

The Kinks, "Lazy Old Sun"

Harry Nilsson begins with a bit of the lovely standard "As Time Goes By" and then sings "Lazy Moon" and effortlessly fills your heart with with sweetest of flutters.  Le sigh.

Harry Nilsson, "Lazy Moon"

Ah, I could just imagine listening to this while floating in a tube on a lazy river on a sunny afternoon, chewing on a piece of grass, splashing my fingers in the warm water...but in reality it would take 3 hours to drive to the lazy river, 1 patch on the innertube, 1 $150 swimsuit that still looks like a sausage casing, and 1 $6.99 tube of calamine lotion to stop the inevitable mosquito bites from itching.

The Mills Brothers, "Lazy River"

Beck's surrealist waltz with the singalong melody is from my favorite album of his, "Mutations." I'm a sucker for a lazy waltz, I really am.

Beck, "Lazy Flies"

Oh, MAN, this is SO COOL! Did you expect this awesome psych garage track from...Zambia? Witch recorded this in 1975, but it sounds straight '68, don't it?

Witch, "Lazy Bones"

You know, at the time this was considered rather anarchic by THE MAN, but now it just sounds fun and funny. Who doesn't want to be a lazy sod? Everybody, sing along with Johnny! Afterwards, he can sell you some butter!

The Sex Pistols, "Seventeen (I'm A Lazy Sod)"

You know what I know about this song? It was one that FM radio DJs would slap on when they needed time to go to the bathroom. A basic British boogie blues jam can save the bladder.

Deep Purple, "Lazy"

Nina Simone's hoarseness definitely adds to the frothy, slothy flavor of "The Laziest Gal In Town," although we all know that the real laziest gal in town works at the DMV.

Nina Simone, "The Laziest Gal In Town"

Confession: In 1967 when this song came out I thought Spanky and Mama Cass were the same person. I also thought this "Our Gang" were the kids from the '30s "Our Gang" comedies all grown up. Oh, sue me, I was five years old.

Spanky and Our Gang, "Lazy Day"

We will end this shiftless song set with ol' smoothie, Bing Crosby, who seems to totally dig exactly my vibe. Chill on!

Bing Crosby, "Lazy Day"