You may not believe it, but it's true: sometimes I can be a bit of a pest. Oh yes, once I get some goal set in my cranium, I can be rather relentless until my vision is realized, and this sometimes includes bugging other people. Around this time last year, I started pestering Lars Finberg,  lead cranium of one of my favorite bands, The Intelligence.

"Lars!" I said. "Your band really needs to have a website!"

"Yes!" he replied. "That's true!"

"Hey! Lars!" I continued. "You know what? A website for your band would be a really good thing!"

"I know!" Lars agreed. "That would sure be nice!"




And this went on pleasantly enough for awhile with me making faces of determination at Lars and Lars making faces of affirmation at me, until I decided, WELL, maybe I can actually DO something about this rather than just pest around. I am not a website designer and code makes me jumpy, but am relatively not dumb and thought "something is better than nothing, so just try." Lars encouraged my hesitant-but-hopeful effort, and through lots and lots of trial and error and emails and me nervously making changes in template code, we've come up with a website that is definitely better than nothing, and that will serve to host all kinds of info about the band, which was heretofore scattered all over the interwebs. It will continue to be a work-in-progress and likely replaced someday by a more "pro" version, but for today, goal realized! Thank you for checking it out!

The Intelligence (