This is Marianne's pal Dena,  taking advantage of the fact that Marianne is stranded on a grounded airplane in Minneapolis to sneak one of my favorite TV shows into this space. I know for a fact that Marianne would very much prefer if she could have updated y'all tonight, but instead I'm all, like, "YO, BITCH, BREAKING BAD!" Please send Marianne your good thoughts, because flight delays suck bigtime.

Breaking Bad returns to AMC for its final eight episodes on August 11, which means August 12 for those of us who don't have believe in cable. I don't really mind waiting a day, but avoiding spoilers is a giant pain if you live online. Netflix now has Season 5A available for streaming, so it's not too late to binge-watch the entire series in your bathrobe if you are so inclined. 

Before Mad Men captured my attention last year via Netflix, I had long forgotten how much fun it is to be part of an active and enthusiastic fan community. Breaking Bad fans not only obsess endlessly about the show on sites like Reddit and tumblr, but they also produce their own artworks, supercuts, and parodies, quite a few of which are awesome. So much do I enjoy and appreciate the creativity and engagement of true Breaking Bad geeks that I keep my own tumblr, Breaking Bad World, as a digital scrapbook.

One of the most recent items I felt compelled to include on my tumblr was this video of Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical. I have rather low expectations for parodies, but this one made me laugh AND serves as a PG-Rated glimpse of what the show is like for people who can't handle seeing people get their throats cut and other hijinks of that nature. 

I am behind on my deadline to re-watch the show through 5.8 in preparation for next week's premiere, so I don't really have any more time for you bitches. All that's left to say is that I'm looking forward to these episodes like whoa and I'll be terribly sad when it's all over, but all bad things must indeed come to an end. Welcome back, salud and adios, hermanos pollos!