Remember when you'd be at the supermarket as a kid and you'd see your 1st Grade teacher there shopping with her husband? You'd be all, YAY I KNOW YOU, and then it would be OH WOW HOW WEIRD, DON'T YOU LIVE AT SCHOOL?, and then it would be both awesome and awkward watching her put Cheerios and a box of tampons in her cart. It was a little like that seeing my pals in fun punk band wimps as they pulled into my vacation driveway in Wisconsin in their Volvo wagon, as we usually only see each other in the dark of night and dank of Seattle clubs. The band is on a three-week national tour supporting their End of Time album release, "Repeat," and their stop in Milwaukee just happened to coincide with my annual family vacation to the land of my birth, so we all decided an afternoon hanging out at Pewaukee Lake would be cool.

It turned out to be a perfect day, sunny with a sweet balmy breeze and the water warm and welcoming. Rachel, Matt, and Dave ate brunch, swam, did laundry, showered, and debated whether or not dog-eating-muskies were truths or tall tales. All in all, it was a great visit and really nice to get a chance just to relax and enjoy each others' company before the band had to head out to play Chicago later that night. Go see them if you can!

We also took a few photos -- click on the photos to enlarge or go to the Flickr set link! Thanks, wimps, for letting me share a little bit of my old stomping grounds with ya!

Wimps Pewaukee Lake Flickr set