One last post in this series of thrift/antiques store strangeness from my annual Wisconsin visit...Badger State, you have not let me down! Here are a few more oddball records -- please to enjoy!

Apparently God also gave them his n' hers eyeliner.

I think it is possible Tom is an automaton.

"Hey baby, I'll be back to pick you up go to the MOON!"

Once upon a time, everything had "a-gogo" after it. Also, NICE PANTS.

This is the laziest-ass children's record ever. Oh, the Hippy Hippo. Harry the Horse. The Elephant Who Forgot. THE CLOCK THAT WENT TOCK TICK. I think even a 2-year-old would rolleyes all over this.

I am very, very, very, very, very curious as to just whom it was that framed this Grim Reaper "See You In Hell" LP.

No clue, but just wanted to mention also that once upon a time, everything had an astronaut in it.

Bless us that we don't know how awful our dresses are.

I'm hearing "Dance-Dance-Dance" here as a relentless EDM track.

Is it me, or does our hopped-up Fraulein here look kinda ghoulish? Perhaps she is the Oktoberfest Zombie Queen.

What are "WAIST LEGS?"

I hope that is his real full name.

Go tell your world that I am SO not opening my front door to you people.

The impression I get here is that Christmas in Germany finds one alone and lost in a punishing blizzard with no hope of rescue. Happy birthday, Jesus!

Oh, no no no...greater is THEE, Mike! Greater is THEE!

I believe Perry Como, too! Wow!

Nice hair, guys.

A reason? Hoo eee, how about FIVE? FLY PIMP MORMON TIME!

Has anyone asked why they are standing in the water getting their pantses all wet?

"Instrumentals for Listening." What else are instrumentals for? Ignoring? Putting into a blender? Feeding to the dog? DEHH.

And on the back of that one...RACI-SEXISM!

Oh, just get lost, Charlie. Really.

ALLITERATION TIME! I will bet you eight prillion dollars that ALL the kids' names begin with "L." L also stands for LAME.

And finally...BUNNEHZ!