Out and about today running errands, I once again came across the mysterious "H Mart." Until today, I had no idea exactly what kind of store this was as there was nothing to identify it -- just another large concrete building in a strip mall in a town north of Seattle.

"Hmm,"I said to Miss Ten, "Let's figure this out by GOING IN." She was totally up for it. 

"Mom," she said as we got closer to the entrance, "Everyone going in and out of the store is Asian, did you notice that?"

"Hmm," I hmmm-ed. "You seem to be correct!"

Indeed, the H Mart was a Korean supermarket, filled with all kinds of goodies, like an entire wall of kimchee and bag after bag of glassy-eyed dried fish. We love this, and took some photos along the way as we filled a basket full of cool weird stuff to try out at home.

First thing purchased: octopus flavored chips. What I don't understand here is why an octopus needs snorkeling gear.

Who doesn't want a hot mate?

For the busy irresponsible parent: give your kids a bag of Soda Candy! Bang for your buck!

When I think about delicious cookies, I think "Ghana," don't you?

I don't know what this really translates to, but I'm hoping it's "Madeleine The French Orphan & Her Shriner-Hatted Baby Dog Slave 20 Hours A Day To Make These Biscuits For Your Delight."

These were the biggest green onions I have ever seen in my LIFE -- about 2 1/2 feet long! WHY?

Mmm...Ingredient-Chicken Soup!

Perfectly paired with Beef Marrow Guts!

I really wish these "London Police" panties would have come in my size.

I'd totally wear them with a pair of Joy Gloves.

OK, is this tuna with vegetables in the can, or tuna made from vegetables?

See why I ask?

Isn't "Let's Be Mild" the exact opposite of why we drink coffee?

There's a lot going on here in this can of 808 Dawn tea: an inventor/magician, a U.S. patent, a Cum Laude Invention and Supreme Gold Medal a the "invention/new products Exposition in pittsburgh, PA U.S.A." No, I'm not gonna try it, YOU try it.

I wish this line of beauty products actually made you go, "WHOO! I LOOK TERRIFIC!"

And finally, my favorite: yes, it's Pigeon Fabric Softener! Soften your laundry using only the finest Flying Rats!