This blog is now as old as a kid who knows more than I do in math. I like to think that I'm skilled in that sort of self-deprecating compliment, while offering you solid quantifying facts for News You Can Use. You are welcome.

I like to make a little post each year to mark this anniversary of my site's birth. Last year, I had all sorts of grand plans to celebrate the 10th anniversary, none of which I managed to fruition. I felt crappy about that but as it's not vital to the planet, I put my frustrated feelings in better perspective. I still would like to do A Thing, or Things relating to this Thing, and I think if I sort that out in my head, it will happen. If not, you can read this until Google Assistant decides to kill Blogger after becoming United States Digital Overlord and new host of Jeopardy.

There won't be a lot of posts here, like in the Good Ol' Days, but what I post will be fun or funny or worth your minute of time, I hope. I do post more (or more of less, you could say) on Instagram and you can follow me there @mariannespellman. If you are DJBizOneMilFollowers4U, a real estate professional working in a city I do not live in, an Influencer who takes endless photos of your own face and/or butt, or a Lifestyle Luxury Travel Mommy Blogger whose casual and effortless elegance is designed to make me FEEL BAD, eff off already though.

For the past 11 years, I've been very happy to have this little place to go to and be creative. If you've landed here once or a thousand times, thank you for your eyeball movements intaking my work and translating it into your brain to contemplate at your leisure. Unless you want to try to complain about my years-old post about Bobby Goldsboro's wretched "Honey," you weirdos.

Please to enjoy this sound! It is the current theme song of Popthomology and I love it.