Lemons in the Grass

Bright yellow lemons on green green grass
Big sky goodbye please wait too fast
Look at you baby blue, eyeing up the past
Had the golden ticket but now stuck behind the glass

Lost at sea, lost at home
A sense of purpose never shown
Time was never yours to own
Time was never yours to know

Paper boats floating down curbside streams
Personalized cubicles and management teams
Restless minds and Ambien dreams
Sunrise washed in coffee and cream

Water sparkles with iridescent oil
Jet age dresses made from aluminum foil
Bus fumes billow, tires clouded with soil
Some of us work and some of us toil

Lying on the paper waiting to be seen
A fly shoots by, shimmering green
Hold yourself together, keep yourself clean
No reason to look up from a tiny little screen

Popcorn gunshots firecracker flutter
A lifetime's treasure sold as everyday clutter
Rain pouring out from an autumn-choked gutter
The universe is singing but you only hear it mutter

Looking searching but never found
Bicycle rides through the wrong side of town
Women walking by in cotton candy gowns
Burned to ashes or buried in the ground
Burned to ashes or buried in the ground
Burned to ashes or buried in the ground.

-- MCS, 2018