WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO!!! Do you hear that?? That's the FIRE ALARM warning you that HOT HOT HOT coverage is coming forthwith from Day Two of Seattle' very own punk pizza party, Pizza Fest 7! Spray yourself with fire retardant and read on as we bravely dive back into the El Corazon and Funhouse after the shenanigans of Day One! (Click on the photos to enlarge or click on the Flickr links for more!)

There was no better choice to open Day Two than our friends, Night Boss, who improvised pizza-themed stagewear to stunning effect. Gentle melodicist Dan Enders went the extra mile and turned himself into a pizza-fixings canvas by the end of their set. Pancake Party, pizza party, all good.

Night Boss, Pizza Fest 7, Funhouse, Seattle, WA. 8/5/16 Flickr set

Oakland's Violence Creeps were up next over at the El Corazon with an anvil-heavy, guitar-buzzed beat coupled with lung-shredding vocals by Amber. I looked on the floor afterwards for lung shreds, but I think someone had cleaned them up already.

Violence Creeps, Pizza Fest 7, El Corazon, Seattle, WA. 8/5/16 Flickr set

Omni came all the way from Atlanta to join us at Pizza Fest and delivered a cool, sinewy post-punk set with memorable melodies. It was kind of like Television took the wrong train in New York City, ended up in Georgia, and decided, hey, man, this is alright.

Last time I saw Zache Davis, he was performing in beloved Seattle band Cute Lepers. This time and after a move to Los Angeles, he's back with Maniac, a high-energy punk n' roll blast of fun that revved the El Corazon crowd up to RED LINE, and provided me with the music photographer's holy grail, the Jump Shot.

Maniac, Pizza Fest 7, El Corazon, Seattle, WA. 8/5/16 Flickr set

After a quick cool-down break and a hastily-eaten slice of pepperoni Sizzle Pie, I made it back to the Funhouse stage to see San Francisco's Life Stinks' intense last song that veered from threatening to withdrawn, explosive to silent, nearly careening out of control then just yanked back into line. Impressive. 

If you follow Popthomology, you already know that SSDD (Steal Shit Do Drugs) are one of my very, very favorite bands. I've been fortunate enough to see them often here in Seattle, and I am always just blown away and want MORE MORE MORE. I want everyone to see them, NOW. Demand this from your local cool venue of choice.

Parisian/Portlandian synthpunks Sex Crime took over the El Corazon next, with a set that kept the crowd dancing, especially when vocalist/keyboardist Cecilia jumped down into the crowd and sang amongst the pizza partiers.

We were all very stoked to have Golden Pelicans come all the way from Orlando, Florida to play Pizza Fest, and the El Corazon floor was packed for their set. Vocalist Erik Grincewicz paced the stage like a caged tiger under cobalt-blue lights, and the audience headbangers nearly shook their spinal cords out their noses.

Queercore locals Sashay closed out Day Two's sonic celebration with a triumphant set that decisively wrung every last drop of sweat, every last scorched scream of delight, every battered hand clap, every exhausted half-pogo that was left to extract from from the Pizza Fest audience before excusing them into the night. 

OK, hose off, punks! Day Three of Pizza Fest 7 coverage coming up soon!