I'm thinking of returning to my high school days and plastering all my interior home walls with these oddities from the vinyl past. Maybe the exterior walls, too. There are certainly ENOUGH of these to complete the job! I think after doing this I would either be laughing all the time or lose my marbles. Walk with me again into Strangeville, won't you? Please to enjoy!

Oh, man. Just study this one for awhile. The orange skullet. The 1000-points-of-light trumpet. The celestial breaking of slave chains. SWOON!

After this photo was taken, I believe they all got plastered on mead and crowd-surfed to madrigals.

I bought this but haven't had the courage to listen to it yet.

Just to be clear: These two babes NOT ONCE EVER swung to the 101 Strings, with or without Hammond organ. EVER.

Imagine what the art director would've done with Jimmy Periwinkle!

Oh, Arthur. Not every man can be a gigolo. 

If Hawaii belongs to everyone, then why is the average house price $538,900, HAH??? Mahalo!

Just for the guy in the middle.

Damn hipsters and their coffee!

That's what SHE said, uh huh huh huh huh huh.

When I saw this, I read it as "Beer Garden Musk," which by looking at this guy, may likely be equally valid.

Not. Saying. Anything.

Hot pants, sax, and curious grammar! Go Cannon Country!

And finally, I HAD TO BUY THIS. WOW. MILT!