HOO-EEE!  Das rite, you read it co-rek-lee...it's a MEGA-BLOWOUT SUPER POST of dusty old donations from our musical past! CAN YOU DIG IT??? I KNOW THAT YOU CAN! Please to enjoy!

Do you need to really annoy someone? Put this on at home but use a garden hose. Inside the house, of course.

Oh, I'm so confused. I...no, there's just too much.


Dude in the middle is all, YEAH BABY. Didn't Megadeth do "The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power?"

And la, la, la, la to you, dear Bert.

I've been thinking and thinking and thinking about this and I cannot come up with an answer.

I hope so much that breakdancer is farting at Greg and Steve.

Wasn't John Travolta in "Welcome Back Jesus?" Judas Barbarino? Yes, I think so.

Look at my world! That sure was a tasty sugarcube!

Hmm...how can we find out what is "America's favorite music?" Well, let's go look at the back cover...

...hmm. OK.

Hang in there, GIRL, it's almost time for Sports Center!

I would have screamed my head off if I had seen this on any of my prenatal ultrasounds.

What a horrible thing to say!

"What should we put on the cover of this cheap country music compilation?" 

"Who cares?"

DO NOT PANIC! Yes, OF COURSE, I HAD to buy this! Jesus Hustle Time!

Oh, god, I just LOVE that they all signed their pant legs! Plus, that they boast about playing "fraternal organizations."

Premier's Quartet? Let me guess: do they belong to Pak Pong-ju of North Korea? What do I win??

Buddy Swint's secret love is a giant transparent woman?

Decent odds here that the daughter in purple ended up tripping at Altamont.


 What the hell is going on here, and EWWWW?

There isn't one day of your whole life you were ever this awesome. I'm sorry, but we all have to just deal with that fact.

Jehovan is his name...and sequins are her game!


Please allow me to introduce Lucifer Himself, Johnny Rivers!

The little tiny "word" to the bottom left made me guffaw in the store.

Looks more like "40 Top Tunes For Rolling In With The Tide," TO ME.

And finally, there's more to life...if she just strips down to her bra and panties and puts on The Three Suns' "40 Top Tunes for Dancing." SEE ABOVE.