Hello, Fellow Fans of Found Foolishness! A couple weekends ago, I made it to THREE YES THREE Value Village thrift stores here on Seattle's Eastside, and collected some images from the rows and rows of tchotchkes for you. Ponder them in good health, and please to enjoy!


Now, just damn, will you please explain to me who in the hell would want a figurine of a cat getting ready to clean its butt?

I bought this, in hopes that I may one day own a scarlet-red trailer myself.

I also bought this dog because it is a bank and you have to take his head off to get your coins out.

Bun Bun's been in the acid again.

Ethel Merman Fish?

I don't get this...what are you supposed to do with this, put money in it if you are forgetful or cranky or stop bleeding? No one wants to see this in your home, by the way. No one.

Rolleyes Tiger and Wolf have just had so totally enough of your crap.

Surly the Schnauzer also wants exactly none of his time wasted, either.

I don't know about how you feel about mornings, but if this clock were mine, the second it went off and I saw that face, I would throw it against the wall.

I laughed for probably a whole minute when I came across this.

And finally, just a reminder that no matter who you are or what you drive, you too can end up at the thrift store.