Oh, boy! My friend Deb and I had a monumentally SCORE day at the thrift store on Sunday. Besides a pile of great clothes, vintage magazines, and kitchenware, YES OF COURSE I found some of the BEST WEIRDITIES in a long time! You! Please to enjoy, You!

Keepin' it classy, Pappy!

This Chihuahua was trisected, I believe, to hold tacos. Or perhaps it's a new crossbreed, I don't know.

WOW! A whiskey decanter commemorating a devastating natural disaster, INCLUDING a tiny little sample of ash in a tube on the back!!!!! YES, I bought it and YES, it's now on my mantle!

Speaking of ash...NO, I didn't look inside, but I hope this urn held a pet.

Santa Paula, California, Home of the Novelty Spousal-Abuse Item!

I'm not terribly comfortable with the whole "Sexy Infant" idea in a doll.

You know and I know and you know and I know that this is the BEST THING EVER MADE. Mr22 was astounded that I didn't purchase it, and requests that I go back and get it. So. Many. Questions.

Greetings from Uganda! Hope you aren't gay!

Sassy Acid Pig is freakin' me out.

I think this horse is just acting way, WAY too fancy for $3.99. Settle down, Horse!

I think the only people who are dreaming about living in a floating yurt shared by a Hoverhorse and a hummingbird are seven-year-old girls.

And finally...I'm guessing the Hawaii Board of Tourism would not be down with this couple and their Novelty Assets. YES, I bought them!