Some nights out on the town are fun...and some are FUN...and still others are FUN FUN FUN until Daddy takes your T-bird away and/or your library card expires or something like that. Daddy and the Library Police were nowhere in sight last Friday night, so FUN FUN FUN was HAD HAD HAD seeing punk/performance art pals Partman Parthorse play at Ballard's 2 Bit Saloon, in support of their new and awesome album "Wet Sounds." (This is a subliminal suggestion which will cause you to click that link and spend six dollars to purchase this album immediately, and then return to this site. Don't you argue with me here; just let your brain do its thing.)

PMPH were part of a stellar line-up that night which included The Botherations, Le Shat Noir, and Dream Salon, but prior and post engagements had me landing at the 2 Bit late and leaving early, so I missed most of the performances, sadly. Please support these fine and very noisy bands with your money and attendance at their next public engagements. I was there long enough, however, to be able to greatly annoy Matt Nyce from wimps by poking him in the sides and making bunny ears over his head as he was attempting to become World Champion on a pinball machine with a score of 3, 940, 230, 239, 200, 011. 009 or something like that. I enjoyed that.

Rachel, Lisa, Marshall, and Gary make up the members of Partman Parthorse and, you know, just like HURRAY, because we need bands like this. PMPH channels the furious first days of hardcore punk with confidence, adds in a healthy dose of Iggy and the Stooges with a measure of Warholian "Superstar" fabulousness, and puts it through a meat-grinder loaded with fake blood packets. The result is a fine mix of noise, art, and flat-out fun that had the crowd at the 2 Bit mightily entertained. I think I got a little fake blood on my sweater, but I'm hoping it will wash out.

Anyway, as always, click on the photos to enlarge or click on the Flickr link to see more...and remember, these photos may disturb your child, your mother, your boss, or possibly you. Just remember that PMPH are all very nice people. Say it with me: "They are all very nice people." There!

BONUS FUN: Find which pic has the spontaneously-formed red heart on Gary!! Like, a Valentine heart, not an anatomical heart.

Partman Parthorse, 2 Bit Saloon, Seattle, WA. 3/7/14