After a day spent outside enjoying the warm summer weather here, Miss Ten and I headed back over to the very fine Value Village in Woodinville, WA. yesterday evening to score us some sweet new-old clothes AND revel in the wonder of THINGS and STUFF! My daughter grabbed the iPhone and took some photos for me of some of the more wondrous items we came across. Please to enjoy!

Your face would probably look like this, too, if you were put in one of the dollar grab bags. Harsh.

Jeez, what fancypantses with their Liszt and Mendelbach and mom only taught me "How Much Is That Doggie In the Window?" Huh.


I cannot really tell if the Canadian animal represented on this cream-and-sugar set is a beaver, or marmoset, or owl-rat, or a koala-kitty.

I can't imagine how this ended up here.

Most evil squirrel ever? DAMN.

Hey, Singers Unlimited, how about freeing up a little of that unlimited cash to get a decent tree, HAH? Also, EXCITING BACKGROUND.

Oh, Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, you are first in the hay bales of my heart.

Join the Previn Scene, baby! WILD!

I want to have a stern talk with whomever made this and whomever bought this. I want to congratulate whomever gave it away, though.

I think these are insurance defense lawyers after a conference in Vegas.

So, where does one put your Norwegian gnome/troll plate?

There was ZERO chance that I would leave this in the store. MINE! HIII-YAAA! GUHHH!

I think Jackie looks more like Lady Bird Johnson in her bobblehead version. Probably just used one First Lady mold for all of 'em.

Decor for the baby's room!


There was also ZERO chance I would not come home with this STUPENDOUS NATURE WORLD PHOTOGRAPH. Miss Ten is proudly displaying it in her room, to the horror of anyone, she hopes.

Every time I look at it, I crack up for like two minutes. HAHAHAHA!!!! LOOK AT IT!

And finally, a little movie of the WORST.BOBBLEHEAD. EVER. Brutal!