I am absolutely CRAYZAY about Deerhunter's new album, "Monomania," in a similar fashion to how I was CRAYZAY about their last one, "Halcyon Digest," from the long-ago days of 2010. In a similar fashion to how I was compelled to assemble (with friend WN) a fan video for Halcyon's "Coronado" with twist dancers from the '60s, I was now compelled to make a fan video for "Back To The Middle" from Monomania with a posse of weird toy commercials from the '60s and '70s. I'm consistent like that.

I was fortunate enough to be able to see Deerhunter perform live at Austin Psych Fest just a few days ago, and will see them again when they play Seattle's Bumbershoot festival at the end of the summer. You should go see them, too, because they are a weird and magical band, and Bradford Cox writes these wonderful, wonderful songs.

Please leave this site when you are done watching the video and go to Amazon or iTunes immediately to purchase "Monomania," pardner. Please to enjoy!

Deerhunter, "Back To The Middle"