Got to spend a quick hour visiting the large Goodwill thrift store in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin today -- the town where I attended both junior and senior high school...on occasion. I was bummed out when I couldn't find any records, but then right as I was going to check out, a table with two album racks appeared and now we are all happy. Please to enjoy these oddities!

I have to say, I have never, EVER heard the song "Squid Jiggin Ground" but surely it has to be the best song ever written.. GO ED!

Apparently, "the very thought of you" is pretty friggin' hazy.

"Songs We All Know!" An Evening Of Fun For Everyone!" Can someone hand this off to the Romneys?

Oh, Jerry. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.

Four Roses...and one farting bulldog.

Who listens to this?? Really, if I heard this blaring from my neighbors' house, I'd be damn concerned.

So, what is she looking at? Something that is intimately exciting?

This has multiple meanings.


Trumpet Bath Lady! You don't play the horn with your knee all naked!! Stop that!

You can...but you won't.

Mr. Starker "unaccompanied?" I can't imagine why.

What does a damn matador have to be furious about? That his pink satin pantaloons are a wee bit snug? TEAM BULL.

And finally... Ken, meet Keith!