It has been a LONG TIME since I recorded any music, several years, actually. This is a shame, because I really like recording music very much. It's a process of fair challenge (I'm not a great musician in any way, nor have a studio) and sparky delight when something creative actually gets DONE, instead of other boring stuff like putting away the dishes or scooping cat poop.

So, this came about because I am a giant drooling fan of this rather obscure 45 from 1966 by The Deadbeats on Gray Ant Records (written by a couple of cool kids named Ricky Maske and Bobby Coleman). It sold approximately nothing at the time, and there's a copy of it up now at Discogs for 600 bucks if you are a cooler Paul Allen. It's my favorite combo: dirty guitar, Beatle-y melody, sweet harmonies, quirky snare drum timing, and a relentless beat. My 2018 take on it adds some weird honky synth, a hear-able bass line, and relentless handclaps.

A song also needs a video so I chose another era-appropriate fave to pull from: the classic star-crossed pair of Batman and Catwoman, from the original TV series, because I RECOGNIZE NO OTHER BATMAN OR CATWOMAN OTHER THAN ADAM WEST AND JULIE NEWMAR! Sorry for the caps; I'm pretty vibrant in my feelings about this. Please to enjoy and go do some art or music or whatever you find fun!