Do you remember that feeling when you were a kid of how excruciatingly long it seemed to take until your next birthday came around? You'd maybe even diligently mark off months, weeks, and days on a calendar, wailing to anyone who would listen how slowwwwwwww time was moving and that you simply could not wait much longer before exploding! Well, that's how the crowd at Seattle's Funhouse club had been feeling, I am sure, since it's been a jaw-dropping 12 years since the great garage-soul combo The Woggles have played in our fair city! The Emerald City was ready for a ramjam, rollickin' rave-up with the Professor Mighty Manfred and Friends and more than got it in the Funhouse's packed hothouse dance floor. In fact, in all the shows I have ever attended, I have never come out afterward so thoroughly drenched as to appear as I had just exited from an extended swim in Lake Washington. Wooooooo!

Because of my now-usual medical muckery, I could not get to the Funhouse in time to catch the three stellar openers. However, thanks to attendee Shawn Merrill, who came all the way from Canada to see this show, we have full set video of the Primate 5 and the Sinister Six! Thank you, Comrade Shawn, for your service to this site and all of rock n' roll!! KICKASS!

Here's a short vid of the psychedelic, sinewy, show-stoppin' San Diego-based band The Loons from a few days after the Funhouse show. I got there just in time to hear them play the best cover I've ever heard of of "New Rose" by the Damned! YES!

And then at last, dressed in matching cobalt-blue satin jackets, The Woggles arrived onstage to cheers and proceeded to tear the roof off the sucka! Where do they get their energy??? I mean, jumps and karate chops and high kicks and dancing in the audience with barely a few seconds between songs -- come on!! As a photographer, I just was trying to keep up, man! What a blast! 

But don't just listen to me -- see and hear for yourself! Thanks again, Shawn!

Click on my pix to enlarge and click on the Flickr set link to see more!

Thanks again to videographer Shawn, all the bands, Brian Foss and all at the Funhouse, and the one and only Manfred Jones! Let's not wait another 12 years to do this party again!!

(photo by Kitty Page)