This is how I would like to begin this annual post. Sing along, please:

Nine! Nine! Nine! Nine! Let's sing a song of nine! How many is nine?

Well, I think nine is a lot of years to have a blog all by yourself that didn't crumble to digital dust, didn't change it's fundamental voice, and still GOD I HOPE brings some good stuff to you out there. Every year, I'm increasingly amazed that I nor Old Grandpa Blogger Platform haven't sent Popthomology to bed with some warm milk and Propofol. I do feel sad that I no longer feed this blog daily as I did for so long, because I can't, or can't right now. But that's OK, that was kind of nuts anyway. It's OK that it's whatever it is now, as long as I like it and you like it. Even if only one of you liked it, that would be more than enough for me. On reflection though, if everyone hated it that would probably make me post 20 times a day and start five other blogs too. You know me.

Here is the place I show you my photographs of rock n' roll folk, tell you about some great records, explode every so often about the state of the world, make black-humored holiday cards and children's books, show you the weird stuff I see at thrift shops, and sometimes take you along to wildly exotic places like Oconomowoc, Wisconsin and Hollywood, Florida. Occasionally I will write you a made-up story that might be somewhat true, which I tag "fiction." I've told you a lot of very true stories that definitely sound like fiction. Once and while, some nice pals will lend their talents to provide content for Popthomology, which is a great honor.

The number of wonderful people I have met and befriended solely because of this blog blows my mind. What if I had never done it? What would my life be like now? It is a sobering thought. It is because of that that I urge you, DO THINGS. DON'T WAIT! DO THE THINGS. Make connections, do you, join in, start the car, fly your freak flag (unless you are some some Cheeto-colored fascist), find a way to have people hear your voice.

Think about that Sesame Street song, as the melody goes 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8...9! You are dissatisfied that the lowered 10-end didn't come as expected to resolve the phrase, but then re-listen to the ascending triplets -- 123, 456, 789 -- and it seems lovely and perfect as it is.

Nine is just fine.