(Editor's note: Today, the world sent a strong message of strength and solidarity in resisting the bigoted, sexist, ignorant agenda of United States Dictator, Donald J. Trump. Women, men, and non-binary folks of every description came together in every state and on every continent to march in peaceful protest -- numbers estimated in the millions. I was unable, sadly, to join in the march today. However, our friend Grace Tom, a 9th grade student who lives on Seattle's Eastside, kindly helped me out today! She attended the Seattle march with her family, camera in hand, and I'm delighted to feature a few of the images she captured today along with a short report. A budding photojournalist and videographer, you can see more of her work on Instagram (@grace_t6 or @picsbygracee) and can contact her via email at grace.tom.business@gmail.com. Thank you, Grace, and thank you to each and every marcher. You are beautiful. -- Marianne)

The expected number of attendees at the women’s march in Seattle, Washington on January 21st was around 50,000; the outcome was more than I think anyone expected. 175,000 men and women marched 3.6 miles from Judkins Park to Seattle Center. Thousands of these men and women wore pink “pussyhats” upon their heads while raising signs above them, many with clever and witty statements. There were signs that proclaimed “WOMEN’S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS” and drawings of Trump that said “KICK HIM IN THE DICK.” Some signs cleaner than others, yes, but they all brought across the right message.

(click each photo to enlarge)

(Ed. note: Ha! This happens to my friend Ian Cunningham, a talented Seattle artist and musician! Small world!)

As I walked down the street with thousands of others alongside me, there were some speakers using their voices the best they could to be heard in the large crowd, speaking out about what they want to change. It’s truly inspiring seeing people actually take a stand rather than complain about something and do nothing. Looking around me, I could see many different people of all ages and races; I just think it’s so beautiful that we can all come together like this. This was absolutely the most moving, peaceful, impactful march I personally have ever been to. I 100% recommend that you, yes you, should attend something like this. Go out, make a difference, and be with people that want to do just the same.